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Über Kleiner
Über Kleiner ready to perform his attack
Creator DasBoSchitt
Creation 22nd November 2008
Debut The Gmod Idiot Box: Episode 1
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Attitude Serious
Status Alive
Enemies Chuckles The Cheat

Über Kleiner is a character from the Gmod Idiot Box machinima. He is normally speechless, except in his first appearence where he asks Alyx if she wanted to hear the most annoying sound in the world, and the muffled screaming sound when he attacks his victims. In the series, he is represented by the model for Dr. Kleiner, but with an inflated head. His victims include, Chuckles the Cheat, Alyx Vance, a bicycle rider from episode 8, And a BLU Scout from Episode 10, though the victims never die after his attack, only suffer severe (but usually temporary) injuries.


He only has one ability but it is more powerful than the usual abilities:

  • Power shooting: the most common ability that Uber Kleiner uses almost everytime. but this ability does not kill his victims but gives them injuries such as bone fractures, scars, burns, eternal bleeding, and rare cases, blindness.


  • The question Uber Kleiner asks and the scream he does is from the film Dumb and Dumber where at one point, Lloyd Christmas (played by Jim Carry) asks his friend Harry Dunne (Jeff Daniels) if he wants to hear "the most annoying sound in the world" and then performs his muffled scream.