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    SCP: Freak Breach

    December 23, 2015 by Nin10doGMod

    SCP: Freak Breach is humorous mod for SCP: Containment Breach. The mod will be based upon the Freak Fortress 2 mod for Team Fortress 2.

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    • SCP-990 has been reskinned to Suicide Soldier.
    • SCP-096 has been reskinned to .
    • SCP-106 has been reskinned to .
    • SCP-173 has been reskinned to .
    • SCP-049 will be reskinned to .
    • 049-2 Zombies will be reskinned to .
    • SCP-682 will be reskinned to .
    • SCP-513-1 will be reskinned to Crazy Legs.
    • The  is now in the SCP-895 hallucinations.
    • SCP-079 will be reskinned to .
    • SCP-1048 will be reskinned to .
    • SCP-1048-A will be reskinned to .
    • SCP-066 will be reskinned to .
    • SCP-939 will be reskinned to The Soldeer Herd.
    • SCP-860-2 will be reskinned to Rabid Heavy.
    • SCP-966 will be reskined to .
    • Anomalous Duck has been reskinned to B…

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    NOTE: This fanfic is originally written by fluttershy565276.

    "Rarifruit have you heard about well you know what Pinkis cupcake did last night?" "Fluttershout what are you talking about?" "um well if you don't know i'm not alloud to say anything" "WHAT THE H*** IS IT FLUTTERSHOUT! "but i cant say anything something bad will happen to me" "wha- WHAT! "if you don't know um come close to my ear" "uh are you gonna...." "no i promise i wont scream" "okay than..." -Rarifruit comes close to Fluttershout- -Fluttershout whispers:don't tell anyone this i know someone who knows it okay and that pony's name is Rainbine- "Rainbine? "yes go to her to know it but don't i mean don't tell anyone this after you heard it" "um okay i promise" "good see ya later …

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    September 28, 2013 by Girrardi290
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