Can't. See. A. Thing.

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Creator Redbull12347
Creation Unknown
Debut Unknown
Type Freak
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Attitude Serious
Fighting style Hand-to-Hand
Abilities Immense strength
Bulletproof/Fireproof Armour
Heavy Grappling Gun
High Speed
High Jump
Hand-to-Hand Combat
Weaknesses Heavy Physical Damage
Status Alive
Occupation Bodyguard
Superiors Odessa
Enemies Freaks

C-ombine is a Combine Elite HL2 Freak created by YouTube user; Redbull12347.


C-ombine appears as a Combine Elite solider from the game Half-Life 2, but he has immense size.

Behaviuor and PersonalityEdit

C-ombine is a hot-headed individual who fears nothing.His main objective is to defend his avatar, Odessa from hostile freaks. C-ombine doesn't like to talk much, thus he acts like a normal bodyguard.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

C-ombine has immense strength, similar to his ultimate rival-Giga Demo. He cannot be knocked down and stunned.

He has a very strong armour which is bulletproof and fireproof at the same time.This means that he's highly resistant to Heavies and Pyros.

C-ombine posses a long-ranged Heavy Grappling Gun, which is extremely powerful. It's proved that it can penetrate even the strongest armour, such as Blockgineer's body.

Surprisingly, C-ombine can run very fast and jump extremely high.

C-ombine is an expert with hand-to-hand combat, rivalling those of his nemesis Giga Demo.

Faults and WeaknessesEdit

C-ombine is mainly a long-ranged weapon user, so sometimes he can forget to fight his enemy with his hands.

C-ombine lacks heavy physical combat, making him very vulnerable to Dr. Schadenfreude.


Despite being rivals, Giga Demo and C-ombine hold big respect to each other.They both are have the same strength, but have different powers.

Notable VideosEdit

So far, C-ombine's appearances have been deleted, due to his creator being retired.