Creepy Belle
Creepy Belle
Creator Grzysweet89 (Concept)
Creation 2012 Apr 10
Debut The birth of Creepy Belle
Type Freaky Pony
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Attitude Crazy
Fighting style Close to mid-range
Abilities Enhanced Strength
Sprouting heads
Confuse Wave
Status Active
Occupation Crazy
Superiors RariFruit (Creator and Sister)
Creepy Medic
Subordinates Cutie Mark Creeps (with Karateloo and Francie Bloom)
Allies The Elements of Insanity
Enemies RariFruit (a little)

Creepy Belle is a erratic Pony Freak originally created by YouTuber Grzysweet89 even though she debuted in a video created TheInvertedShadow. She is a combination of Creepy Medic and Sweetie Belle. She is voiced by ImShadow.


She was once the loving sister and assistant of Rarity , Sweetie Belle, then wandered near the graveyard the other ponies had been reborn in and found her possessed sister, taking on the form of her original self. Rarifruit in her disguise asks Sweetie to check out a tall grave for her. When Sweetie gets there, Rarifruit turns back to her self and Sweetie Belle became Creepy Belle.

Behavior and PersonalityEdit

Creepy Belle is just as loyal to her sister as she was before she was reborn. Creepy Belle usually hangs around her sister and her reborned friends, The Cutie Mark Monsters. She isn't usually around the rest of the elements, though, concidering she seems to be sort of the trickster. She and Rarifruit caused chaos in their universe when she was first posessed.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Creepy Belle, being a Freak Pony, has very powerful abilities. These abilities consist of enhanced strength, swallowing her enemies, and sprouting heads on command. She's also very chaotic, due to the monster inside her.

Faults and WeaknessesEdit

Notable VideosEdit