Creator JavelinGX Mk
Creation 5-th September,2011
Debut Killscout meets Crit-O-Kitty
Type Evil Spirit
Alignment Neutral Evil
Attitude Unfriendly
Fighting style All ranges
Abilities *Levitation
  • Cannon Fusion
  • Soul Theft
  • Granting wishes
Weaknesses Vulnerable Crit-A-Colas
Status Alive
Occupation Thieving Souls
Allies Evil Monsters
Enemies Good Monsters

Crit-O-Kitty is an eerie monster resembling Blaze the Cat from the Sonic games. She was created by YouTube user JavelinGX Mk.


Crit-O-Kitty appears as blue colored Blaze the Cat with an eerie glow, her legs are crossed in a similar manner as of her sister, Neko Donut, she is always seen with a pair of Crit-a-Colas floating above her hands, and has an evil grin on her face, even when either bludgeoning her victims, or entering a serious fight.

Personality and BehaviourEdit

Crit-O-Kitty resides in a cursed can of Crit-A-Cola, which will release her when its seal is broken. She will introduce herself, stating "Hello,I am the Crit-O-Kitty.I will eat your SOUL!". She might be polite to you,if you don't make drastic actions.

When Crit-O-Kitty drinks someone's soul,she will become frisky for a short period of time. If interrupted,she will attack the interrupter on sight.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Crit-O-Kitty has similar abilities to her sister, Neko Donut,but with purer evil:

  • If a victim tries to be nice to Crit-O-Kitty, she will imeadiately steal his/her/it's soul.
  • It's rumored that Crit-O-Kitty can fuse her Crit-A-Colas into a super-powerful cannon, that upon contact with living beings,will shrug them to pieces.
  • If an evil monster meets Crit-O-Kitty, she will grant them powers. However, she will always want a price for the powers she will give to the freak.
  • Crit-O-Kitty is capable of levitation, which is her way of movement.

Faults and WeaknessesEdit

If someone tries to steal her Crit-A-Colas, Crit-O-Kitty will be scared and will immediately get back in her can. It's possible that the Crit-A-Colas has is her vulnerability point and are very sensitive.


  • Crit-O-Kitty is still in development, so her creator doesn't comed with all the ideas.
  • Crit-O-Kitty speaks in a Spanish version of GLaDoS from the Portal 2. The creator, however, is planing to change this.

Notable VideosEdit