Demonic Mutant Tyrannosaurus
Creator DarKenn


Creation 26 Jun, 2010
Debut Painis Cupcake vs Demonic Mutant Tyrannosaurus
Type Demon/Mutant
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Attitude Aggressive
Fighting style Various
Abilities Inhuman Strength

Super-Mode Ear Louder

Status Active
Subordinates Demonic Mutant Ceratosaurus
Demonic Mutant Raptor
Allies Heavydile
Enemies Kami
Dick Sandvich
Painis Cupcake

Demonic Mutant Tyrannosaurus is an Demon Dinosaur Monster created by YouTube User DarKenn and popularized by TheInvertedShadow

He is one of the three main antagonists of An Unforeseen Destruction

Appearance Edit

Demonic Mutant Tyrannosaurus his appearance is similar to the tyrannosaurus rex. But with 2 T-Rex Heads is the color red skin. His voice was much louder and more bestial than that of a regular Tyrannosaurus rex

Powers and Abilities Edit

Demonic Mutant Tyrannosaurus is stronger and has enhanced durability compared to the average human. He has the ability to emit a hypersonic scream that can likely deafen his enemies.Demonic Tyrannosaurus had an inhuman fitness, being much stronger and more durable

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