Type Demon Ruler
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Attitude Sadistic
Fighting style High- to long-range
Abilities Flying
Mighty Screamer
Status Active
Occupation King of the Underworld.
Superiors Saurontronus (father)
Subordinates Gigatronus (brother)
Destoroyah (God of the Underworld)
Iris (God of the War)
Battra (God of the Darkness)
Keizer Ghidorah (God of the Destruction)
Desghidorah (God of the Death)
Bagan (God of the Ancient)
Shin Godzilla (God of the Incarnation)
Allies King Sombra
Painset Shimmercakes
Magic Mare
Enemies Kami
Sunset Shimmer
Elements of Insanity
Mothra Leo


Demotronus is an wrathful Bowser Gmod Monster created by unknown user, but adopted by TheInvertedShadow.

He is the mortal enemy of Angel Mario.

His main theme is The Swamp's Dark Center from Sly Cooper

His battle theme is Arkham Battle 2 from Devil May Cry 3

He is the main antagonist of The Age of Demotronus, The Resurrection of Demotronus and The Battle of the Seven Demons.

He served from The Rebirh as the main antagonist of An Journey in the Skies, the tertiary antagonist of The Wrath of Saurontronus and the main antagonist of The Battle of The Five Demons.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Demotronus he have the form and the appearance of Giga Bowser, but this have different appearance he have wings similar to Destoroyah,

He make for many chaos than the Elements of Insanity, he is an evil, powerful and sadistic demon, when

Power and Abilities Edit

Flying: this ability helped to dodge, escape and attack his enemies.

Transformation: Demotronus can transform into Giga Demotronus, he become more mighty.

Strenght: this ability help Demotronus to resist attack powerfully. For example, the laser of Brutalight, sword of Rarfruit, the bites of Pinkis Cupcake, the scream of Fluttershout, the shot from Rainbine and Derpygun.

Mighty Screamer: Demotronus can calling his minions, also can destroy anything of encounter.

Weakness and Fault Edit

Trivia Edit

  • He is inspirated to King Sombra from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.
  • Demotronus, CyborBowser and Dr. Troops are considered to the most evils and darkness freak Bowser.
    • Demotronus, CyborBowser, and Dr. Troops are only Mario Freaks considered to be Complete Monster.

Videos Edit

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