Derpy VS The Gang of 10 Greeds
Derpy VS the Gang of 10 Greeds Logo
Author TheInvertedShadow
Genre Duel/Revenge
Original run Nov 24, 2012 - Apr 4, 2014
No. of episodes 11
Protagonist Derpy Hooves
Heroes Kirby
Princess Celestia
Karma Soldier
Antagonist RariFruit (main)
RubberFruits (secondary)
Villains Painis Cupcake
Commander Private of the Thieving BLU Soldiers
Scurry Scrumpy
Sgt. Chucklenuts
King Dedede
Veteran (Super Monday Night Combat)
Others Endario (RariFruit's husband)
King Sombra

Derpy vs The Gang of 10 Greeds is a GMod tennis of YouTube videos created by TheInvertedShadow and BriefCasey795 (a.k.a TheColorRedpwns).

The main plot center around of how Derpy's muffin box was stolen by the Gang of 10 Greeds, and Derpy must seek vengeance on them.


Gang of Ten Greeds Meet The Greeds



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Part 7Edit

Part 8Edit

Part 9Edit

Part 10Edit

Part 11Edit

List of episodesEdit

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