Doc Luirate
Type Cyborg
Alignment Lawful Evil
Attitude Arrogant
Fighting style Mid- to long-range
Abilities Neutralizer Arrows

Enhanced durability

Status Active and hunting
Occupation Dr. Troops's Mentor
Commander of the Mechanicals
Superiors Dr. Troops
Subordinates Koopa Troops Drones
Allies Dr. Troops
Enemies RariFruit

Doc Luirate is a cyborg luigi Freak created by youtube unkown user, but Adopted by TheInvertedShadow.

His theme is Bowser's Coming! from Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam

He is the secondary antagonist of Dr. Troops' Menace

Biography Edit

Personality and Behavior Edit

Luirate is a very driven person and will stop at nothing to achieve his goals. His ambitions, no matter how well-intended, were actually responsible for the birth of two Freaks, one who is used as a servant and the other who fights evil Freaks as a permanent cripple

Power and Abilities Edit

Doc Luirate is a highly intelligent individual who is smart enough to conduct experiments that turn ordinary people into Freaks.

Doc's cybernetic body grants him enhanced durability and endurance. As such, he is significantly more resistant to damage than a normal human. Moreover, he is a capable marksman, and equips power-neutralizing arrows to temporarily incapacitate his Freakish enemies.

Weakness and Faults Edit

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