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The Elements of Disturbia
Elements of Disturbia
Headquarters Mann Manor
Leader(s) Zalgie Pie
Senior Member(s) Rainbow_Dash.exe
Other Members Shytterguy
Janety the Killer
Eyeple Jack
Proxight Sparake
Book Shining
Purpose Haunting ang killing their victims using nightmares

The Elements of Disturbia are the enemy of the Elements of Insanity and the Subjects, AssSpike and BerryPan. They were created when Zalgie Pie and Rainbow_Dash.exe planned to possess the main characters of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic by the spirits of various "Creepypasta" characters, giving them supernatural abilities and warping their minds. The Elements of Disturbia are really dangerous enough to haunt an individual's nightmare(s), but as is typical for Creepypasta characters they are extremely gruesome.

The Horror 6Edit

Zalgie PieEdit



Janety the KillerEdit

Eyeple JackEdit

Proxight SparakeEdit

The Deceitful Duo/The Corrupt Medial CretinsEdit

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Book ShiningEdit

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Nequam Onus (Delusional State)Edit

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