Gravity Cat
Gravity Cat
Creator DasBoSchitt
Creation 16 January 2009
Debut The Gmod Idiot Box: Episode 2
Type Cat
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Attitude Calm (when amused)
Hostile (when not amused)
Fighting style Various
Abilities Flight/Levitation
Toxic Gas
Spawn bombs
Inhuman physical strength
Gravity Well
Weaknesses Dr. Hax's monitors
Explosive damage
Status Alive
Occupation Unknown
Enemies Dr. Hax

Gravity Cat is a cat Freak made by YouTube user DasBoSchitt.

His theme is Gravity Cat Not Amused (Complete Version), which was made by YouTube user DaerKhyel Knighmare Loki.


Gravity Cat appears as a cat with brown eyes, with white and black spots all over it's body.

Purrsonality and BehaviorEdit

Gravity Cat is a passive monster,always acting as a normal home-held cat. However, if he's not happy(thus he's easily provoked) a voice will say "Gravity Cat not amused", and Gravity Cat will instantly attack the one whom he made him unhappy .In result of his attacks, multiple innocents are harmed by his attacks.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Gravity Cat is in possesion of many awkward abilities, which include:

  • It's capable of levitation or flight.
  • To use toxic gas out of every part of his body, usually his rear end.
  • It can spawn helicopter bombs when in mid-air.
  • It has inhuman physical strenght,surpassing that of a Heavy.
  • In possesion of a Gravity Well, which magnetizes every metal object around him toward himself.

Faults and WeaknessesEdit

  • He is extremely vulnerable to Dr. Hax's monitors.
  • Gravity Cat completely lacks explosive powers and is extremely vulnerable to explosive weapons (His helicopter bombs do not count)


  • Gravity Cat appears also as a completely orange-furred cat. It appears as another skin for him.
  • Gravity Cat has been awarded with his theme by YouTube user DaerKhyel Knighmare Loki.

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