Pinkis Cupcake
Pinkis Cupcake
Creator Mystery Ezekude
Creation Late 2011
Debut Pinkie meets Painis
Type Cannibalistic Psychopath
Alignment Chaotic Netural–good
Attitude Carefree
Fighting style Short-to-mid ranged
Abilities Self-Übercharge

Movements of Painis Cupcake

Status Active
Occupation Cannibal
Superiors Brutalight Sparcake
Elements of Insanity
Subordinates RariFruit (Mother)
Painis Cupcake (Brother)
Creepy Belle (Aunt)
Endario (Father)
Endaria & Flourice (Sisters)
Chrysalis Cupcake (Sister)
Allies Eppaljeck
Princess Molestia
Enemies FlutterCook
Zalgie Pie

Pinkis Cupcake is the Element of Bloodlust in the group of Pony freaks known as the Elements of Insanity. Pinkis Cupcake is the body of Pinkie Pie merged with the soul of the famous Painis Cupcake. She is voiced by Bree Faith/Brittany Lauda/WubcakeVA when she is happy.


According to Pinkis Cupcake herself, one day she met Painis Cupcake and they got along very well since they were both insane. Painis Cupcake decided to make Pinkie Pie "his new host" and he took over Pinkie's body, after she ate Painis Cupcake.

Characteristics and AbilitiesEdit

Pinkis Cupcake looks similar to Pinkie Pie, except that her shade of pink is darker and her mane is flattened down like Pinkamena. Pinkis' cutie mark consists of three cupcakes, with two appearing to be bloodstained and one with a letter P. She has the ability to crawl around on the ground in the manner that Painis moves, and she is able to Ubercharge herself to fight her opponents. When relaxed, Pinkis' mane changes back to its more poofy look.

Faults and WeaknessesEdit

Adding to Painis' weaknesses, Pinkis has an insatiable appetite for flesh making her hunger capable of ruling her.


Notable VideosEdit

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