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Creator Dr. Face
Creation 27 May 2011
Type Velociraptor
Alignment True Neutral
Attitude Cheerish
Fighting style Melee
Status Alive
Occupation Demo's Pet
Superiors RED Demoman
Enemies Ninja Spy
Ninja Heavy

Rappy is a Velociraptor with a RED Carouser's Captain on his head that created by YouTube user Dr. Face. He is also pals with a RED Demoman and the creator's persona.

Personality and BehaviourEdit

Abilities and PowersEdit

Rappy is able to talk, but only says one word: "ci", "see!", "c!", "sea!" or etc. He's shown to have a much higher intelligence level than other Velociraptors (assuming they weren't extinct). High enough to even form game plans and outsmart others. 

He has enormous strength, which is known to knock over (or even send sky high) other beings.

He is usually seen with a RED Demoman mounted on his back, who seems to shares the same interest with Rappy. As with other typical TF2 characters, he has a BLU counterpart. This one however, can only say "MEEM."

Faults and WeaknessesEdit

If his hat is taken off, Rappy will be powerless and have hypnotic eyes. Put a different hat on, and his personality will change. Putting the same hat on will bring him back to normal. (The hat also seems to have an effect on other beings, as shown when a common Scout placed the hat on his head. He gained a much higher IQ, and even a British accent. When the hat was removed however, he changed back to his common ways.)

For some reason, Rappy loves rubber ducks without eyes as chew toys. But when angry or in need to defend himself, he'll rely on his carnivorous dinosaur instincts.

Notable VideosEdit

By the CreatorEdit