Human RariFruit (OLD)

Human RariFruit

Creator TheInvertedShadow
Creation Nov 21, 2011
Debut The MINE Fight
Type Madmare
Alignment Chaotic Neutral–good
Attitude Kleptomanical


Fighting style Short-to-mid ranged
Abilities *Influence of RubberFruit
  • Power of persuasion
  • Gauntlet of Greed
Status Active
Occupation Greedy Thief
Superiors RubberFruit
Subordinates Painis Cupcake (son)
Creepy Belle (sister)
Endario (husband)
Endaria & Flourice (daughters)
Pinkis Cupcake (daughter)
Chrysalis Cupcake (half-daughter)
Allies Brutalight Sparcake
Enemies AssSpike
Demonic Bowser
Doc Luirate
Dr. Troops

RariFruit is a GMod Freak; a variation on RubberFruit's in-character persona, created by TheInvertedShadow.

Her theme is a distorted version of Paper Mario - Detective Mario while her battle theme is the same one as RubberFruit does.

She is the main antagonist of Derpy VS The Gang of 10 Greeds.


Rarity from an alternate timeline or dimension visited the grave of one incarnation of RubberFruit, who rose up as a ghost due to it being a full moon. RubberFruit's ghost possessed Rarity and became a permanent dominant part of her psyche, resulting in her taking on his behavior and, most notably, his penchant for calling claim on objects as she sees fit.

Soon after, RariFruit immediately took her new powers out for a test run on an unsuspecting Engineer, before being confronted by a hulking, iron-clad Heavy. Unable to stop it with her powers alone, she was nearly killed, but seemingly in the nick of time, another Rarity (the soon-to-be Myyrity) used her own magic to save her, just as the clock struck midnight.

In a bright flash of light, RariFruit's appearance was drastically changed; her mane and tail changed to a lighter purple with pink stripes, her cutie mark changed to that of a hybrid between Rarity's and Applejack's, and on her right hoof, she gained her primary and most lethal form of attack: the Gauntlet of Greed. With this new power in hand, her power was multiplied almost tenfold, and she immediately went to work on the beastly Heavy, ripping its headgear off with her new strength, and beginning her kleptomania anew.

Personality and BehaviourEdit

In addition to the telekinetic powers granted to her by her unicorn status, RariFruit has access to the same random and ridiculous powers and antics that RubberFruit held, such as the ability to pseudo-possess inanimate objects, and even turning her victims into chocolate bars in a similar way like Majin Buu from Dragon Ball Z, as of Rarity's First Strike/Rarity's New Friend. She is self-centered, obnoxious and generally a bit disconcerting to be in the same room with. She's also severely kleptomaniacal, calling claim to every object she can get her hooves on and defending this new "ownership" to extreme lengths.

Despite what most people would think, RariFruit is notably neutral in terms of behavior, unlike RubberFruit, despite having his essence permanently melded into her psyche. She is mostly harmless unless provoked, wherein she will attack the instigator(s) and then proceed to steal whatever valuables they have.

She is self-centered, obnoxious and generally a bit disconcerting to be in the same room with. She's also severely kleptomaniacal, calling claim to every valuable object she can get her hands on and defending this new "ownership" to extreme lengths. However, if one should be respectful to RariFruit upon encountering her, they may end up well-rewarded, seeing as she still is the Element of Generosity, after all.

RariFruit also has a family of sorts. It consists of her little sister, Creepy Belle, her effective "son," Painis Cupcake, her best friend Myyrity, and her coltfriend Endario. While she is perfectly capable of handling any situation on her own, she still enjoys recieving help from her son or the other three Ponies. Whether this openness to assistance carries over to unrelated parties is unclear.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Most of her power is based off of an extremely powerful aura that is emanated from RubberFruit's influence, the same influence that mutated her psychological profile. The magic that is created from this aura is fittingly known as "The Influence of RubberFruit." With this influence, she is able to pull off various feats of magic and sorts, such as;

  • Standard Telekinesis - Simple telekinesis that just about all unicorn ponies should be able to use. Her's seems to have been intensified since the mutation, though, allowing her to move objects or people of greater weights and in substantially larger quantities.
  • The Gauntlet of Greed - Blacksmithed by FlamingHammers1997, the Gauntlet is RariFruit's primary means of attacking/stealing. It is what she uses to utilize or at least focus all of the other powers that she has acquired.
  • The Sword of Selfishness - A rather long and lethal blade which is used for hacking into one's person and other uses the common sword would have, given any other uses that one would have for a sword.
  • Personal Puncturers - A cluster of knives that viciously poke the victim of choice. Throughout all of its appearances she hasn't used more than 8 at any given time. Theoretically no more than this should be needed.
  • Greedy Grabbers - A pair of ghostly hands that she can use to her disposal, grabbing onto foes, viciously ripping them apart, locking doors, and forcing her foes to the ground. Essentially a powerful replacement for otherwise nonexistent hands.

The "Gauntlet of Greed"Edit

As of Rarity's First Strike/Rairty's New Friend, RariFruit had adopted an improved look, which further distinguished herself from the real Rarity. The changes included a lighter purple and pink mane and tail, a new cutie mark which is a cross between Rarity's and Applejack's, and a light-grayish, jewel-encrusted gauntlet on her right hoof, known as the Gauntlet of Greed. The idea for this new look came from user Flaming Hammers, who described the Gauntlet as being able to intensify RariFruit's random powers even further while worn (which she always will, as it's now fused to her). After her new look is born, and RariFruit notices the Gauntlet, a sudden self-UberCharge activates it, and RariFruit's reign of kleptomania begins anew.

So far, the only new power that RariFruit has discovered with the Gauntlet of Greed is summoning a pair of ghostly hands that can forcibly rip items and hats off of people. But it is likely that she will discover more down the road.

Faults and WeaknessesEdit

Since RariFruit carries on the personality of RubberFruit, she can at times be unprepared for combat during her thievery.

Expelling RubberFruit's soul from RariFruit's body through exorcism would be by and far the most effective and most permanent method, but the means of doing so are unknown, or at least incapable of being performed by abilities or technology currently available in the world of animated GMod/SFM movies. It could be possible through extraterrestrial or extradimensional help, but the odds of that happening are similarly negligible.

Distractions could prove effective as a less permanent solution. RariFruit's affinity for objects of value, particularly hats, can frequently get the best of her, so grabbing her attention with such a thing and using it as a decoy could prove effective if she has not seen to making a concerted effort not to allow herself to be distracted.

Rarifruit inherits RubberFruit's weakness to the word "soap". Saying it once freezes her, saying it twice creates a wicked grin on her face, as RariFruit is unable to take baths with soap. But saying three times turns her to mouth into a vacuum, which albeit risky can be used against her.

If You Destroy Her Hat She'll Back To Being Rarity!.


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