Rodagio Dazzsome
Rodagio Dazzsome
Creation 20 abr. 2015
Type Metagirl
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Attitude Capricious, belligerent
Fighting style Same as Handsome Rogue
Abilities Enhanced fitness

Time Stop Summoning knives Blood-fueled regeneration

Weaknesses Careless

Overconfident Limited power

Status Active
Subordinates Piria Cakez

Sonica Douskan

Rodagio Dazzsome is a GMod Freak, who is a variation on the yellow spy with red eyes Handsome Rogue.

She was created by Deviantart user Rachidna the Youtube user Stefano

Her theme is the same as Handsome Rogue

Appearence Edit

Her Appearence is very similar to Adagio Dazzle, but have yet a bit different. Her skin is yellow, her hair is red and black, her eyes are black and red, similar to Handsome Rogue.

Power and Abilities Edit

Her Abilities are Similar to Handsome Rogue's Abilities, most signature ability, Time Stop, allows him to locally freeze time for a short period, allowing him to flee, attack, stall the impending attacks of his enemies, or give himself time to think of a plan. This time freeze lasts for approximately 5-10 seconds in a circular area of 10 metres radius, with the centre at the location of Handsome Rogue at the time of activation. The ability has a one minute cooldown and drains a significant portion of his energy.

Rodagio Dazzsome is uncommonly nimble, and his fitness and physical prowess are inhuman. His considerable strength allows him to easily batter normal people or kick an opponent across a moderate distance. Furthermore, he is able to dodge gunfire and jump over large distances with little effort.

Rodagio can summon a seemingly endless supply of knives on a whim. He can send as many as he needs, as often as he needs and in any direction he wishes without need for recollection of them, and with deadly accuracy to boot. More recently he has been seen to be able to control them with his mind and change their trajectory mid-air.

Rodagio can also summon a train engine to crush his enemy when time is paused - his ultimate attack, the Pain Engine.

Weaknesses and Faults Edit

  • Rodazio occasionally stops to taunt or mock his opponent regardless of whether they are defeated yet. This is open space to attack him in.
    • Despite his enhanced fitness, Rodagio Dazzsome lacks actual destructive power. Except for his ultimate technique, he is often unable to deal any significant damage to the more powerful opponents - he was not able to actually injure the cyborg until very late into the battle.
    • He is often overconfident or underestimates enemy abilities, leaving him vulnerable at various times when he thinks things will be smooth sailing on his part.

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