Type Demon
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Attitude Manipulative
Abilities Lava Manipulation
Weaknesses Water
Status Active
Occupation True King of the Underworld
Subordinates Demotronus & Gigatronus (sons)
Enemies Angel Mario
Elements of Insanity

Saurontronus is an demon Bowser Gmod Monster created by TheInvertedShadow.

He is the responsible of the death of Angel Peach and the father of Demotronus and Gigatronus.

He is the mortal enemy of Angel Mario.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Saurontronus he have the form and the appearance of Giga Bowser, but this have different appearance he have lava in his skin, yellow eyes without pupils,

He make for many chaos than the Elements of Insanity, he is an evil, powerful and manipulative burning demon.

Power and Abilities Edit

Lava Manipulation: He have the power to manipulate the lava to emerge in the ground and help to regenerate his power


Weakness and Faults Edit


Trivia Edit

  • He is inspirated to Balrog from The Lord of the Rings.
  • Saurontronus and Dr. Troops are considered to the most evils and darkness freak Bowser.
  • Saurontronus and CyborBowser are considered to the most cruelest and aggressives freak Bowser.
    • Saurontronus, and Dr. Troops are the only Mario Freaks considered to be Complete Monster.

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