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Sheila's Dimwitted Misadventures
Is-is anybody even payin' attention to me?
Author CodePurple
Genre Adventure/Comedy
Original run 9 January 2016 - Ongoing
No. of episodes 2
Runtime TBA
Protagonist Sheila The Bunny
Antagonist Gwarek (Formerly Lima)
Villains Syro
Negative Sheila
Others Azul
Toy Sheila
Stu Pidface
Joe Barbaro (cameo)

Sheila's Dimwitted Misadventures is a reboot of a abandoned Adventure/Comedy Garry's Mod series Sheila & The Clones that is currently in development by YouTube user CodePurple.


Plot Edit

Episode 1 Edit

Sheila is seen standing in the RED base in ctf_2fort and encounters Stu Pidface. When Sheila stands next to him, a red button suddently appear on Stu's chest. She presses the button and Stu turns into a "Slot Machine". Sadly, it failed, causing a jar to fall and covering her in semen. As a result, Sheila responds in disgust as Stu laughs at her. Then, an enraged Sheila kills him instantly by blasting his head off with a shotgun. Suddently, Joe Barbaro from Mafia II pops into the screen and says: "Holy shit, what a fucking disappointment" before devouring the viewer.

Episode 2 Edit

After murdering Stu Pidface, Sheila ends up into mario_kart_2 (A map where Team Fabulous 2 takes place) and gets attention from a RED Engineer. When the latter stares at her, Sheila holds a piece of bacon, making him drool and saying: "Pork drippings!" Suddently, Sheila crushes it with her hand, splattering grease all over her body and flipping off the poor Engineer. Suddently, a Poot Bear is seen sitting completely emotionless only to get ear raped by Orange Bird.

List of episodes Edit

  1. Sheila Meets Stu Pidface
  2. Don't make GMod videos while you're bored 10.

Trivia Edit

  • The series was originally focused about Sheila herself encountering her "clones" named Lima (currently known as "Gwarek"), Azul and Tangerine. However, due to the confusion caused by the characters, the author decided to scrap the idea and reboot the series to be more clear.
  • It's said that the series will have 12 or 15 episodes to be made.
  • It's confirmed that the series will not be a prequel to Sheila's appearance to the videos since Cul-De-Sac Randomness, as stated by CodePurple himself. However, it will be a spin-off to his videos.