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The Demonic Bowser (Series)
Author TheInvertedShadow
Genre Action/Horror
Protagonist Angel Mario
Heroes Angeluigi
Angel Peach
Angel Yoshi
King Dedede
Meta Knight
Twilight Sparkle
Sunset Shimmer
Karma Soldier
Starlight Glimmer
Derpy Hooves
Antagonist Demotronus
Villains King Sombra
Shadow Mario
King Boo
Dark Meta Knight
Galacta Knight
Shadow Kirby
Shadow Dedede
Elements of Insanity (Only Clones)
Dark Matter
Others Dick Sandwich
Elements of Insanity
The Demonic Bowser is an upcoming YouTube series by TheInvertedShadow,

Cast Edit

The GMod Series is about from an Good Angel and an Evil Demon when pretend conquer the world and kill all angels. The hero Angel Mario will have to stop him, before his devilsh plans will be inmortal.

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