SCP: Freak Breach is humorous mod for SCP: Containment Breach. The mod will be based upon the Freak Fortress 2 mod for Team Fortress 2.


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List of fashion changes

  • SCP-990 has been reskinned to Suicide Soldier.
  • SCP-096 has been reskinned to Assbox.
  • SCP-106 has been reskinned to Sewer Medic.
  • SCP-173 has been reskinned to Painis Cupcake.
  • SCP-049 will be reskinned to The Blightcaller.
  • 049-2 Zombies will be reskinned to Undead Stoner Scouts.
  • SCP-682 will be reskinned to Heavydile.
  • SCP-513-1 will be reskinned to Crazy Legs.
  • The Friendly Scout is now in the SCP-895 hallucinations.
  • SCP-079 will be reskinned to Nightmare Medic.
  • SCP-1048 will be reskinned to Bomb Bear.
  • SCP-1048-A will be reskinned to GAYPENlS.
  • SCP-066 will be reskinned to Slender Spaps.
  • SCP-939 will be reskinned to The Soldeer Herd.
  • SCP-860-2 will be reskinned to Rabid Heavy.
  • SCP-966 will be reskined to Team Killer.
  • Anomalous Duck has been reskinned to Bonus Duck and Duck Nigga.
  • All inanimate SCPs may be reskinned to TF2 Items, Weapons, Props and Objects, Such as SCP-294 became Dispenser.
  • Added a drinks for SCP-294.
  • SFX Files have been changed.
  • Loading Screens have been changed.
  • Mobile Task Force has been replaced by the HECU troops.
  • All Scientists and Intercom has been replaced by the AdministratorMiss Pauling, and Civilian.
  • 096's idle sounds has been replaced with Somebody That I Used To Know by Gotye.
  • 096's chase scream has been replaced with "BOX!"

Changed version

  • Dick Sandvich originally replaced SCP-990, but was scrapped for canon reasons and was swapped with Suicide Soldier.
  • The BLU Vagineer originally replaced SCP-096, but was scrapped for canon reasons and was swapped with Assbox.
  • Ass Pancakes originally replaced SCP-106, but was scrapped for canon reasons and was swapped with the Sewer Medic.
  • Painis Cupcake's animation is now acts like the Weeping Angel.
  • Christian Brutal Sniper originally replaced SCP-049, but was scrapped for canon reasons and was swapped with The Blightcaller.
  • Gentlespy originally replaced SCP-049-2, but was scrapped for canon reasons and was swapped with Undead Stoner Scouts.
  • 096's chase scream was originally has been replaced with Vagineer Theme V2, but was scrapped for canon reasons and was swapped "BOX!"

Used models

All models were used from Steam Workshop:

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